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Small Disadvantage/Minority/Veteran/Women Owned Business

Hayward Electric Company does business with various Customers who ask us to use suppliers and sub-contractors who have qualified as Small Disadvantaged, Minority, Veteran and Women Owned Businesses.  In our efforts to fulfill this request from our Customers, Hayward Electric Company maintains a list of companies that have registered with us as meeting the requirements for one or more of these categories.

To register, please complete our SMALL DISADVANTAGE/MINORITY/VETERAN QUESTIONNAIRE. Once you have completed the form, print the form, then have a Company Official sign the form and mail it to us at Hayward Electric Company, 3150 Diablo Avenue, Hayward, CA  94545-2763.  Upon receipt, we will review it and if acceptable, your firm will be entered on our Small Disadvantage/Minority/Veteran/Women Owned Business list.

You should note that being on this list does not automatically mean that your firm will be selected when we need your firm's type of services. Hayward Electric's needs which give our customers  the best product is our primary selection criteria. In addition, our Client base has various prequalification requirements in order to qualify to work on their job site(s).  These qualifications include Drug Testing, BATT Training, Workers Compensation EMR number, OSHA 300 Log numbers, ISNetworld Registration, PIC Registration, etc.  Depending upon your trade, our anticipated needs and our customers requirements, you may receive additional questionnaire(s) asking for more information. Because our need for sub- contractors normally does not allow us to qualify them after it has been determined that they are needed, it is recommended that information requested be returned in a reasonable period of time.

Your business might also like to register with the Central Contractor Registration (CCR) which is the Database for the Federal Government.  By going through a series of questions, you can print out a certificate that demonstrates your qualification as a Small Business. 

Files in Adobe Acrobat PDF format are viewed with Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you do not already have Adobe Acrobat installed on your computer, you should download the free Acrobat Reader from Adobe's web site at, download instructions are available on the Adobe web site. Once you have downloaded the Acrobat Reader you can view PDF documents in your web browser if it supports plug-ins or, if it does not support plug-ins, you can save the file(s) to your hard drive and view them by opening them in Acrobat Reader.


Hayward Electric present employee base is adequate to fulfill our customers' current needs. However, although we are not presently searching for new employees, experience has shown us that this situation can change almost overnight.  We therefore recommend that you watch this space for future hiring opportunities.


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