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Electrical Certification

California Electrical Certification Program

AB 931, signed by former Governor Gray Davis in October 1999 required the Division of Apprenticeship Standards (DAS) to "establish and validate minimum standards for the competency and training of electricians…" Although the deadline for developing the regulations to implement this statute was originally January 1, 2001, the Legislature extended the time for the DAS to develop regulations until July 1, 2001. The actual testing and certification began in December, 2002. Thompson/Prometric is the testing contractor hired by the DAS to administer the actual test.

As of January 1, 2006 in order to work on electrical systems over 100 volt amps for a C-10 contractor in the State of California you must be in one of three categories.  These categories are:

bulletBe a certified electrician (in one of 5 categories) by the California Department of Apprenticeship Standards (DAS).
bulletBe an indentured Apprentice (which means you must be enrolled in an approved electrical California Department of Apprenticeship Standards Program). 
bulletBe a Registered Electrical Trainee. To be an electrical trainee, you must:
bulletBe registered with the CA DAS.
bulletBe enrolled in an instructional program approved by the CA DAS.
bulletMust work under the supervision of a certified electrician.

The following are various hyperlinks regarding certification and becoming an electrical trainee:

Division of Apprenticeship Standards Website

DAS Electrical Certification Website

Thompson/Prometric Website

Electrical Certification Candidate Information Bulletin

Examination Content Outline

Exam Locations

Electrical License Application Form (in pdf format and you can input information on this form)

Online Registration & Scheduling of Test (For scheduling testing date - Does not include applying for test)

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